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Day 1: Future School Lunch Prog.

A Hot MealThe first day of our lunch program at the Sudan Future School in Egypt was an immense success but there we times that it seemed wouldn't be able to pull it off.


Initially, we combined the registration of all 150 kids with the same day as the feeding...not a great idea. The school's administration records were not very organized and at times they couldn't tell us the names of some of the kids! We photographed all the student there that day and decided to match a name with a face at a later time. This was a smart idea by Mr. Angel Frett because the photo sessions ran right into the time that lunch feeding was supposed to start.


Much to our surprise, the primary level kids were not directed to the lunches that we had in the other building. Many of them were headed home. We questioned some of the parents that came to get their children and they told us that they knew nothing about the lunch that we were serving that day. Geoffrey went into to overdrive and started to round up the parents and re-direct them to the lunches waiting for their kids.


We had no idea of what 80 hungry mouths in a space no bigger than a two bedrooms would look like. It wasn't long before we found out! We salute the cook, Ms. Zahara, and her helper, Mr. Walid as well as the deputy headmaster Mr. Issa for getting the food to those grateful students.


They arranged the kids into groups that have yet to eat and kids that were eating. As soon as a child from the 'eating' group was finished, he was given a drink of water and his dish was returned to the kitchen to be washed and refilled for another awaiting child.


By the end of the day, we were pleased to learn that all kids were able to have a hot lunch. Even the teachers and staff were able to benefit from a meal too. It was fulfilling to know that we are making a difference and we thank all our contributors who helped to make this day come true.

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