Doing our part

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Community Meeting

Anxious crowd

We felt that it was important to introduce ourselves with the members of the community and it proved to be an excellent idea. We were met with a crowd of grateful parents, concerned community members, school staff and administration. We told the community of our vision to help them get to a level of self-reliance and it was well received. We used the example of the peanut tree that Geoffrey helped plant to show the people how small dreams can turn in big things. The analogy hit its target right on.


After we gave the audience their time for input, we were inspired by the kind words of encouragement that the community had for us. In general, the consensus was that regardless of the size of the help, the community was happy that we were concerned enough to try. Some members were curious as to when the teachers (who had been volunteering for more than 3 years) would get some support.


Alfred reminded the community that the immediate needs of the children was the capacity that we were constrained to but were optimistic for the day that the operations of the school will be funded from the community itself. Angel reminded the group of the importance of independence and helping oneself.


At the meeting we also stressed the need for community to work together and the importance of subscribing to the goods and services within the community before seeking service providers without.


We left that meeting feeling well received and especially encouraged by the feedback. It was the beginning of our dream for the Sudan Future School and the seed was planted.

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