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Cleaning up

Ms. Zahara lends a helping hand by getting down on her hands and knees to clean the floors.Motivated by the recent achievement in the lunch program at the Sudan Future School, we began to clean the kitchen where the food was distributed. First we looked for the security guard that told us that he was also the janitor and convinced him to help do 'the women's job'. When he finally accepted, he was on his way.

He cleaned the greasy gook on the stove left behind by what seemed like years of buildup and neglect. We joined in with the deep cleaning of the floors, walls, counter tops and hard to reach areas that was a safe haven for spiders. The experience was a healthy one because it showed the rest of the community that we could indeed work together to bring about great results.

And speaking of results, everyone gathered around us to remark at the sharp new look of their kitchen. Even the stove looked like it was 10 years younger. Mr. Abbas did an impressive job on the ventilation system and Mr Ali was right on point with removing the layers of grease splatter from the walls.

We were proud of our achievement that day and have the photos to prove our feat. The challenge will be to see how long the kitchen could remain this way--especially when many of the people who used the kitchen did not lend a hand to clean it.


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