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Much needed toilet repair

Filthy toiletWhen we first saw the toilet at the Sudan Future School, saying that we were appalled at the conditions would be an understatement. There was an intense stench coming from it and the floor was completely covered with filthy water. The toilet had no seat and I cringed at the thought of 5 year old girl who burst through our survey to use it.


We agreed that the priority of help we could provide to the school must be given to the unsanitary conditions of the school and we approached the members of the Black Heritage Committee here in Cairo for obtaining help. Because of their generous support, we were able to:

  • Hire a plumber to repair the bathroom and kitchen leaks
  • Purchase a new toilet system
  • Purchase a new shower for the bathroom
  • Purchase new the faucets for the bathroom
Mr. Alieu Nyue managed this project to a successful end. It was hard to imagine how much work was done to get the bathroom back to an acceptable state but the plumber did an outstanding job. Although he worked in the daytime, he came in at night to do the job. He promised us that he would not leave until that work was done and he did exactly that. He stayed all night to get the job done and that morning, the children was surprised to find a fully functioning toilet and sink that wasn't leaking water. With this objective achieved in the pursuit of improving sanitary conditions at the school, we're hoping that the administration joins in helping keep the school clean for its children.
We would like to thank the members of the Black Heritage Committee for its contribution because we could not get this far with it. While we are grateful for the efforts of all the members of the community, we would like to spotlight Mr. Lee Whittaker, Mr. Clinton White, Sgt Janice Wright for going above and beyond to help.



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