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Clothes Drive

Donate your old clothes


I 'm sure that all of us have some article(s) of clothing just sitting in our closets, collecting dust, feeding the moths. Why not donate them to the needy people in one of our projects. Your undesirables are treasures to those less fortunate than yourselves. I remember when my wife gave away some clothes that our kids outgrew to Ms. Nako at her upcoming Sudanese nursery. It felt like Christmastime watching her go through all the items. I thought about how little things such as used socks meant so much to a school filled with needy kids like Ms. Nako's. It reminded me of how much of a difference we can make—even with our old clothes.


In other countries that I visited in Africa, used American clothing were hot items in local markets. This could have been due to several factors:


  1. American fashion is highly desired in the rest of the world.
  2. The American standard of quality if far superior to many international products


I was amazed to learn that many Africans preferred to buy used clothes from the states rather than the new ones sold in their local markets.


So we at The Community decided, "Why don't we set up a small shop here in Cairo that sold used clothing from the US?" The benefits would be great:

  • The proceeds could fund some of the needs of our projects. We could sell the clothes at low prices and the money from the sales could go back to the community in the form of rent, utilities and/or material.
  • Setting up the locals with a small clothing store would teach financial independence. Management of inventory, understanding the process of marketing and attending to the customers' needs could provide an on-hand learning for running future businesses.

We kindled our idea with clothing from some of the expatriates here and are looking for ways to offset the cost of shipping clothes. Some options include obtaining discounts from some of the courier services and getting donations from our supporters to absorb the expense. We're certain that many would-be supporters will be interested in donating their clothing if we were to have a clothes drive but the issue of getting the clothes from the US to Africa is one that needs to be solved.


We are open to suggestions on this one, folks. We'd love to hear from you on this so feel free to comment on the best way to get used clothing from donors in the US to our projects here in Africa.


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