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Farewell to Alfred

21As the saying goes: "Nothing good lasts forever". This is came to mind when we learned that our co-founder Mr. Alfred Anthony is leaving Cairo in February of 2011. Alfred's no nonsense approach to getting things done is a big reason why this organization has done so well and we are tremendously grateful for all he has done. Even at times where there was little hope, I have seen Alfred give significant amounts of his personal money to get help to the people in our projects. Such selflessness is why this organization is confident in knowing that will excel in any country he moves to.


Although we are sad that Alfred is leaving Cairo, we are equally optimistic in knowing that our community is spreading to the West African country of Nigeria. We can only expect that Alfred's resourcefulness and generous heart will make put him directly in a position where he can be a tool for the people of Nigeria.


It is our sincere wish that Alfred continue to achieve great things as he has done here in Cairo and we Godspeed in all his endeavors--whether personal or professional and that he knows that he will continue to have the full support of this community and he moves forward.

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