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The Donors Visit the School

Donor visitAfter updating the key donors on the progress of the Sudan Future School, we invited them to see it for themselves. We piled into donor Lee's Suburban and set out for the school. It was a Saturday, fortunately the kids were in school and they got to meet the donors directly to say thank you.


Dr. Osoro noted the need for hygiene training and offered to provide a class to the community members. Although the headmaster, Mr. Abass was not available, the group was able to get a better understanding of the school's needs by thoroughly assessing the situation there.


We were moved by how gracious and welcoming the staff was to our committee. Considering the dusky environment at the school, the Sudanese community showed no apprehensions inviting the donors to have a look around.


This visit was important for the donors because it showed them exactly where their help was needed the most. The school and staff benefited from the visit in that they are able to put faces to the help that they have received and by doing so identify with the team that is helping them achieve the school's independence.

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