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About mahlAK

Alfred and Angel: Hard at work

mahlAK started out as a vision shared between co-founders Angel Frett and Alfred Anthony whose paths coincidentally crossed along the shore of the Nile in Egypt . Their need to give back to the community allowed them to form an alliance whose aim is to not only help underprivileged African communities  but to provide resources to empower and self-sustain them as well.  The similarities in the backgrounds of our founders don’t end at generosity. Both Mr. Frett and Mr. Anthony have careers in technology with the former being a successful software engineer and the latter possessing an impressive career in Information Systems management.


mahlAK does not attempt to take the place of the countless larger nongovernmental organizations already in place in Africa. Our strategy is different. We determine the projects we can assist based on factors such as: severity of the need, size of the entity requiring help, and the willingness of the stakeholders to see the project through.

Once we have accepted a project, we begin our steps to expose the needs to the public via various related media channels. We formulate a plan of action that everyone agrees upon and we implement. As we see it, we want to be the messengers for the underprivileged Africans and enlighten people to the realities that they face.


mahlAK focuses on what some may call a micro version of development primarily because of our size. Although we know that we would someday make more of a ripple in the sea of disparity between the well off and the needy here in Africa, we do understand that smaller steps ensure that we learn firsthand the elements to overcome for the success of an organization such as this.


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