Doing our part

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Welcome Tiwanna Puryear, our newest donor


Ms. Tiwanna Puryear gladly gives to Mahl-AK's Alfred Anthony

Ms. Tiwanna Puryear has made huge contributions to our projects and we are grateful for each one. In the past weeks, we have received more items from Ms Puryear than we have overall for the month. Thanks to Ms. Puryear’s kindness, members of the Sudanese community in Cairo have received clothes, shoes, hygiene supplies, a computer and articles of furniture. Known for her warm spirit here in Cairo, Ms. Puryear put her words to action when she called us at Mahl-AK to find out what items we needed. It was the first of many calls from Tiwanna with each one regarding a time to pick up items she was donating.


Mr. Ali said that the kids at the Sudan Future School felt like it was Christmas when they saw all the things that Ms. Puryear donated. He arranged all the items in one class and allowed a child at a time to choose a gift from the collection. Each little girl came out of the classroom with a big grin on their little faces. It was humbling to see how simple articles of hand-me-downs from Tiwanna’s daughter Annia made such a big impact on these children.  It reminded the author that it doesn’t take much money to make someone happy.